Valentine's Biscuits - Toddler Activity

Valentine's day is here again (boy does time fly!) and the Little One is another year older so this year she can help create something for the lunch box. We chose decorating some biscuits. As always I cheat and buy some finger biscuits. You can bake your own but at this age I always end up doing most of the work when it gets to baking and the Little One looses interest so quickly...

This is however a great activity whenever you want to keep them busy indoors. Using a tray also limits the amount of spillage that is usual with these types of activity. It's also a nice cheap activity as you only need a few things in order to make this successful.

What you need:

  • finger or any shop bought biscuits
  • icing (super fine) sugar
  • food colouring
  • sprinkles
  • water

I let the Little One choose their own biscuits and the sprinkles as it makes it so much more fun. I used the pastel circles (I added the colourful circles later), some blue and white mini sprinkles and chocolate sprinkles. 

To make the icing I take 1/2 cup of icing sugar and add 1tablespoon of water and 1 drop gel food colouring. I then mix it and add 1/4 teaspoon water until it is a thick spreadable consistency. If it is too watery add more icing sugar.

To add to the fun I made 2 colours. You can do more or use only one colour. It really is up to you.

Place the biscuits, sprinkles, icing and spoon or mini spatula on a tray. I use a tray with a big edge as this will avoid any sprinkles rolling onto the floor.

Then sit back and enjoy the silence. I helped with the first one justto show in what order to add the icing then the sprinkles. Then stood back and watched.

 These are so cute and the icing dries hard so you can pack in a lunch box the next day.

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