Bikini Body Guide

I, like every women out there, hate dieting. I really ready do. Most diets require you to avoid massive amounts of food groups (No carb, low fat, no diary not this no that) and I am one of those people that will only concentrate on that food I am not allowed to eat. I have now found an amazing book that makes it so much easier to concentrate on what I can eat. And the eating is good! It's Kayla Itsines' 28 Day Bikini Body Guide. The book itself is what I love! You get 4 weeks of daily menu's each beautifully photographed and set out as in the picture, plus a whole bunch of swap out meals if you don't like the ones included.

Now don't get me wrong, the food is good but I am not going to gym 6 days a week (one of Kayla's requirements). I have to work, raise a kid and look after a home and a husband! But I do believe limiting my calories to 1600 a day would also do me some good. I try to exercise twice a week (which is 2 time more than before so another good step).  The thing is that, while it is a reduced calorie meal plan, it doesn't feel like it! It is so much food!

The best part? Carbs are included! So I start the day with oats made with milk and yoghurt, some maple syrup and a banana.I like snacking while working so having hummus and rice crackers is fantastic as it satisfies the crunch element without going off plan. And the hummus is surprisingly filling.

Lunch is a chicken and veggie wrap with carrots, peppers and baby spinach with a bunch of Moroccan spices.  So good! While the afternoon snack is a frozen berry and yoghurt smoothie. I make this just before I leave from work and then have something to sip on while I drive home. this means that snack-attack I have just as I arrive home is eliminated as I am so full from the smoothie. It also helps to fill me up with protein (apparently very important) before going to gym.

The best part is the dinners. They really are good. From marinated chilli chicken kebabs or sweet and sour chicken and rice. Every meal so far has been delicious and Hubby even loves them all! That is an added bonus. The biggest surprise so far was the fact that I can leave Hubby with a page number and when I get back from gym he has supper ready. That in itself is the best excuse to go to gym - 2 days off from making dinner while still staying on plan! 

One of the things I do every Sunday is do a meal plan. This helps with budget, grocery shopping and eliminates the dreaded "What's for dinner?" question. I love the book, the outlay and the beautiful pictures. Each week looks delicious and you can't help but get excited. Contrary to everything else connected with Kayla Itsines, the book is actually surprisingly cheap. Don't even try to use her App or try and get hold of her exercise guides. they are just too expensive. But the book is really good. I would suggest you give this a try.

Let me know how you do!


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