Toddler Chores

 I recently read about a Europe family, that coddled their child so much, that by the time he went to school he couldn't do anything for himself. He was actually classified as being developmentally challenged! Well, at least I won't have that problem as my Mom puts the Little One to work on a regular basis. 

The great thing is, at the age of 3 she's too young to have an attitude about helping yet. And if you get the Little Ones to help as soon as possible, you shouldn't have that problem later. In actual fact, she loves doing these chores as she feels like such a grown-up doing them.

Kids are very resourceful. They think they can do everything and you will be pleasantly surprised about how much that can and should do. The only thing is safety. Even washing dishes we remove the knives or anything sharp. Think practical. To get an idea why not go to Your Modern Family for a quick printable list?

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