Aloe Ridge Self Catering House near Swellendam

We decided to finally take the weekend away holiday we were supposed to take when the Little One got sick. It's getting close to the end of year and I haven't had my annual vacation yet so I am close to tears from tiredness and stress. We took the newlyweds with to add to the fun and I must admit it was fantastic! 

Where do we go you ask? Well we headed to Swellendam to a place called Aloe Ridge. It provides the most beautiful self-catering houses ever with access to the main bar which is in front of the biggest piece of green grass ever! (See the first photo!)

The place is really beautiful and the houses even better (if that's possible)> Each house has 2 full (huge) bedrooms with on-suite bathrooms. Each bathroom has a bath and an inside shower as well as an outside shower. Imagine, a shower under the stars...

It also has an open-plan kitchen (with dishwasher!), dining area and living room with a fire place and TV for the winter. In summer you go outside where there is a big patio overlooking the Breederiver with a braai and a swimming pool. The place is so good you never want to leave.

I really do love this place and would go every weekend if it was possible. If you ever come to Cape Town, go make a turn here. You can go river rafting, relax in the sun or have a pizza at the local tavern.

These 2 girls accidentally ended up wearing the same pajamas...I had to share though cousin might kill me! 😉

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