Cohen Diet Meal Prep and Dinner for Hubby in One Step

Don't these look great? And they were so tasty too. All this while doing my weekly meal prep for my diet. I decided I am not making 2 completely different meals, I will just add some carbs and fat to Hubby and the Little One's meals instead.

So how do I meal prep? Well, easy actually. I measure out my lunch ingredients, cook it, weigh it again (to account for loss while cooking) and divide it up for the whole week. Then I can just add the ingredients in my lunch box and go. I prepared my chicken by cooking 500g of copped chicken breast with paprika and fresh coriander and some lemon juice.

Then I did the same with onions, peppers (are supposed to use green peppers but waste not want not) and some tomatoes. I added garlic, chili and fresh coriander with a splash of vinegar. Cooked until caramelised and weighed again.

For Hubby's dinner I took a small wholewheat tortilla which I spread with cream cheese and some avocado. I topped it with some chicken and onion mixture. I added 3 slices mozzarella and some fresh leaves and another tortilla. I fried it in a frying pan until crispy then flipped it around to cook on the other side. Make sure the cheese is melted before removing. Slice like a pizza and enjoy! 

I enjoyed my chicken and onion mixture on 2 cracker breads with some mayonnaise.

Quick and easy and enough lunches for the whole week!

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