Cohen Diet Friendly Stirfry Dinner

Being on a diet and attending dinner outside of the controlled confines of your home can be daunting. It seems like you are defeating your good intentions merely by opening the front door. But sometimes it merely is a state of mind.

I was recently invited to a "do-it-yourself" stir fry evening. I must say this is a brilliant idea if you are entertaining a bunch of people who all have different dietary requirements and want to eat at different times. Basically you prepare a protein and some veggies and a starch (here it was rice but egg noodles work just as good) and a couple of sauces. Allow each person to select what they want to eat and have a designated cook stand by with the gas grill to fry it all up.

I chose the mushrooms, zucchini, peppers, onions and patty-pans with some sliced steak. As I wasn't going first I didn't add any sauces as the residual sauces on the grill helped. I added some vinegar though for taste. I wasn't sure about my portions so I uses a small plate.

The food was so good that I didn't mind skipping the rice! So next time, look at what is available and what you can eat instead of only focusing on what you can't.

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