Cohen Diet - Chicken Sandwich

I am loving the roasted onions and peppers and I am basically adding it to everything except my yoghurt! By roasting the veggies you are bringing out their sweetness and by adding garlic and fresh coriander you are also adding some serious flavour.

I start every week by measuring out 5 days' worth of onion and peppers that amounts to about 50% of my allotted vegetable portion for lunch. I weigh it all before I cook, then I weigh it again after the cooking process to account for volume loss. I then divide it by 5 and just add a fresh vegetable for the other 50% (either lettuce and tomatoes or in this case a cucumber, sliced). This makes meal preparation each morning very easy.

For this sandwich I steamed my chicken and shredded it once cooked. Added 1 tsp of mayonnaise, fresh coriander and salt and pepper. I added my portion of prepared onions and peppers (which I diced a bit) and mixed it all. I do this the night before so the flavours can develop. For the rest of my vegetables I included some cucumber batons. Quick and delicious!

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