Lunchbox: Monday, 18 August 2014

We are back and in full swing of things! (Whether we like it or not). Now we have to get used to making our meals ourselves and not having a selection of Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Italian and Western AT EVERY MEAL! Can you believe that is what Club Med does? 

Anyway, I digress. What we have for lunch is a little do-it-yourself sandwich. I discovered these lovely bread thins at Woolworth's, which has been the rage in the US and even UK for a long time, but have only really been available here now. It is not the low calorie options to bread that one might want but better than a bread roll. 

I added fresh avocado ,doused in some lemon juice, a juicy red tomato, sliced, seasoned with salt, pepper and some fresh basil leaves torn to pieces. These were then used to make sandwiches using the bread thins with either just tomato, just avocado, or as the photo above show, a little of both. I also added some fresh strawberries and half a juicy lemon. I also added some mayonnaise at the last minute as I love fresh tomato and basil with a touch of mayonnaise.

The little one had full fat strawberry yoghurt with some fresh strawberries, mini sweet corn and carrot batons steamed, some mozzarella cheese and crispy celery as her afternoon snack.

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