Lunch box: Monday, 25 August 2014

Leftovers for lunch...again but when you have such great leftovers, why not extend it to your monday lunch box, saving you time (no lunch making issues due to lack of ideas etc) and money. I know I sound like a television advert but it just makes sense. We made Chicken a la King Potjie, which is a South African version of making a stew in a big black cast iron pot over an open fire. No charcoal please, we only use wood. Don't ask why, it might even be due to an abundance of trees but it is tradition. Slow roasted it really is the original "slow food". To give you an idea here is an oxtail potjie we made on a weekend away.

I didn't take pictures of it before we tucked in, really it smelled so good and we were hungry so there wasn't much left afterwards. But we do make it on a regular basis, especially sunny weekends so I will take better pictures then and share the recipe.

What leftovers do you love to repeat in your lunch box?

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