Baby got sick!

Nothing worse for a parent when a child gets sick. Even worse when baby is hospitalised! The Little One was hospitalised (the reason why the blog was so silent in May) with viral meningitus at Durbanville Medi-Clinic. We all hated the experience mainly because baby and one parent (read mother) had to sleep over for 3 nights.

We lived on take aways for the first two nights (KFC and McDonalds are just too close!) but then we realised we could order food for the parents for R20 each (less than a cup of coffee) at hospital. We decided it couldn't be worse than take aways so why not.

We were hopeful as the Little One enjoyed some really good food. She had chicken drumsticks, butternut and sweet potato mash, cream crackers and marmite. While getting her to eat I should note we struggled to clean our plates but for a completely different reason: there just was too much food!

I had chicken a la ching with noodles, carrots and broccoli, side salad and a passion fruit fridge tart. And boy was it good!

As mentioned previously, Hubby is tired of having chicken a la king so he had meatballs in tomato sauce with noodles, steamed veggies, side salad and chocolate mousse.

The Little One did not always enjoy the food (here she had noodles, quiche and veggies) but we gave her some nuggets one evening just to get her to eat. She ate so little she lost a kilo! Luckily we got out after the drip was removed...only for me to get sick with bronchitus! The joys of being a parent.

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