Alice in Wonderland High Tea at Work

I am fortunate to work at an office where some seriously creative individuals work. I mean organising a party for 30 to 40 people on the cheap, while still showing some creative flair and providing some decent grub is not any easy feat! Most of the events are held to support a charity and all the funds are collected from staff, while one or two staffers donate funds for the food.

We have held domino competitions, burger and rugby days and so on, but it was decided to do a buffet style event with a 'cover charge' instead of having people order a burger, waffle or pancake before hand. As the group of 5 that were selected to do this event consisted out of 1 vegan and 2 vegetarians and most of the staff having other religious requirements, a theme of Alice in Wonderland High Tea was selected.

And they organised it with as little fuss as possible: platters of miniature cakes and pastries were ordered from  local bakeries so they only had to plate it up and do as little as possible food wise.

The goodies were really scrumptious and there was enough for everyone. A small bit of  savoury were included in some sausage rolls and other mini pies and home made cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches.

To add to the theme they included flowers in quirky pots, some appropriate Alice playing cards with the white rabbit on and signs that said "eat me" or "drink me" next to food and coffee cups.

As the men also supported the Movember challenge of growing out their moustaches in support of men's health in November, we utilised the High Tea to have all the staff compare the growth, style and attitude of the men's hairy upper lip and vote for their favourite. The winner is to be announced at the year end function.

While enjoying or miniature cakes and coffee we had an unexpected fire drill which meant we had to leave the goodies and go outside. But the good thing about this theme was that we were able to leave and come back without it spoiling anything!

The food was great, the table looked beautiful and colourful and the theme worked with just a couple of cake stands needed for effect.

They were able to increase the amount of delectables by adding cheaper options (such a croissants and bagels and homemade cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches) to medium costs goodies (the fruit buns, fruit platter and savoury bites) to more expensive items (like the miniature tarts and cakes) to make everything look like a lot but not tasteless.

Everyone had a ball and dressed up in flowery ensembles with hats and ribbons. Without a doubt our Alice in Wonderland High Tea was a huge success and definitely a good idea for a not so expensive party whether in is a bachelors or a girly baby shower, maybe even a birthday party. All you need are cake stands, vibrant flowers and cake platters from a decent bakery!


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