For those of you that want to know a bit more about the lunch box itself, here is something to remember (and this goes for any lunch box really): when packing consider how the lunch box will be stored until lunch. Our lunch boxes comes in these nifty bags, which has a dual purpose. Firstly it can be carried easily by it's strap so you don't have to worry about the lunch box fitting into your bag (always an issue) and secondly if you place the lunch box in the fridge the night before, it keeps the contents cold until lunch! So no refrigeration needed!

However as you carry the lunch box on its side, things can move around. I didn't pack that many goodies in mine last night and had a salami tasting mini blueberry muffin for tea... blegh.

The small container supplied by Planetbox is secured in it's place by the lid when closed so it never moves, anything else however does. This wouldn't normally be too much of an issue unless you add sweet things with the salty things. What should I have done differently? I should have put the salami where the dried fruit are and the tomatoes and placed the dried fruit and nuts with the muffin and clusters in the big container. So you learn, right?

If you're interested in procuring a Planetbox follow this link.

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