Daily Dietitian - Week 2 | Day 1

This was a really delicious day with Daily Dietitian. I loved all the food, was stuffed and satisfied. I hope the rest of the week will follow suit. 

Lunch was Mexican Chicken stuffed Sweet Potato with zucchini, mushrooms and peppers. This was so delicious!

Dinner was really good. I never really tried brown rice before and I am hooked on the crunchy, nutty taste of it. It went really well with the  Beef Rogan Josh Curry served on a bed of brown rice.

To give it some freshness it was served with a Cucumber Mint Side Salad.

Snack 1 was this cute little Fruit Kebab with pineapple, papaya and naartjie. Just a little bit of sweetness.

Not the best picture but snack 2 was this Devilled Pesto Boiled Egg and it was amazing. Never thought of adding a bit of pesto to the yolk.

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