Daily Dietitian Week 1 | Day 1

Oh wow I wish I had done this ages ago! As you are well aware, I am such a lazy housewife and besides cleaning, I really hate cooking. All the planning and prep and going to the shops and figuring out what to make....I just hate it. So I did Daily Dish for a while. They give you the menu for a week, give you the recipes and the raw ingredients and you just have to make it. But the issue is you still have to make it. So taking this in mind and my goal to lose at least 10kg (of baby weight) I found a new company called Daily Dietitian.

Oh my goodness! I received day 1 of lunch and dinner with 2 snacks for me and dinner and 1 snack for hubby. They calculate your ideal calorie intake (mine is 1400 and Hubby just over 2000 calories) and create the meals. They provide you with breakfast options to make yourself or you can do a meal replacement shake.

So what did I get:

Snack 1 was Blueberry Almond Breakfast Polenta - very creamy and filling and ended up being my breakfast/brunch.

Lunch was a creamy, cheesy Fish Pie with vegetables and sweet potato wedges - I generally hate fish (that is why there is such a lack of fishy recipes!) but this was good!

In actually fact it was also way too much! I am almost certain they made a mistake because this can't be diet food!

Snack 2 is Paprika Roasted Nuts which I am keeping for the 3pm slump.

Dinner is what I am looking forward too the most: Red Thai Chicken Curry with veggies and brown rice - as you can see my portion is smaller than my lunch portion but still big.

Hubby's portion is very big - almost too much for him! And so heavy. It looks good and I can't wait to try it tonight. An you know the best part? It works out cheeper than our groceries!

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