Daily Dietitian Week 1 | Day 4 and 5

We get to pick up Thursday and Friday's food on a Thursday morning so I decided to do both together.



What are we having?

I love the individual packaging which I reuse at home. So great and quick and easy.

So lunch is Grilled Hake with Couscous, Courgette Koftas and a Tomato Almond Sauce. I am not a big fish fan but I loved the Monday fish pie so I had high hopes for this dish but sadly it wasn't meant to be. I didn't enjoy this one at all.

Dinner looks and smells really good: Chicken Pad Thai with Egg Noodles. I love curries and stirfries (that is why I sometimes make them together!) so this is something I am very comfortable with. It also looks nice and vibrant.

My first snack were these intriguing Gingerbread Energy Bites. I was just reading about an interesting ginger chocolate cake so this was very welcome. It seemed like the bliss balls I have been reading about which is a mixture of nuts, seeds, dates and spices. I loved these as they addressed my current sweet cravings and actually filled me up until lunch time.

My second snack was this cute little (and yes I received only one but remember this is a calorie controlled delivery service!) Chicken Feta Pesto Meatballs. This was good and some dipping sauce would have made it even better! Just wish I had more than one..


So what am I having tomorrow?

My lunch for Friday looks really good: Grilled Chicken Breast on Broccoli Quinoa Tabouli with a Creamy Lemon Sauce. And obviously a big lemon wedge on top!

Dinner is Slow Cooked Moroccan Lamb Stew with Shaved Zucchini and Green Beans. It was raining the whole week in Cape Town and stew would have been perfect but now we have a summer day (weather in Cape Town will give you whiplash!) but I am the type of person that craves summer in winter and stews in summer so this is working out great.

My first snack was supposed to be smoked salmon dip but I can't stand smoked salmon so they have taken that into consideration and changed the menu. Now I am having Olive Tapenade with Seed Crackers. A new try for me so as always I am a bit excited! The seed crackers look like the Banting crackers which usually taste awful. The Almond Poppy seed crackers of Wednesday was devine so would have preferred those again. But after trying it I was blown over - it really was good. Hubby got smoked salmon dip with his crackers (which I stole) and smeered on top it was amazing!

As it will be Friday and I am due a treat, the last snack for the day is a Mini Carrot Cake but with no icing. So more of a carrot muffin than a carrot cake. But a smear of Kiri cheese on top will sort this out quick quick.

Now I must just not go crazy over the weekend. So far I have forgotten that I am actually following a specifically formulated healthy eating diet. It just feels like someone is doing me a favour so I don't have to cook! Let's see what next week brings!

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