Daily Dietitian Week 1 | Day 3

So what do we have for this beautiful Wednesday? Well I am excited about this because I couldn't wait to try at least 3 out of the 4 goodies!

The Lunch option is the one I was weary about for no other reason but that I have never had a good experience with eggplant or aubergine. It was either spongy or oily. But as always it was a pleasant surprise! So what was it: Aubergine cheesecake with a carrot and beetroot side salad.

As always dinner is a bit smaller but an old South African favourite: Traditional Babotie (curry mince with an eggy custard topping) with patty pans and honeyed butternut. I love curry and I love mince so always a great option. They have reduced the traditional thick egg and cram layer for the obvious reasons but it still tasted great!

My first snack was these Almond poppy seed crackers which were delicious with honey cottage cheese which I used as a spread. Absolutely loved this.

My second snack was Chickpea-free Zucchini Turmeric hummus with crudites. I loved the bright green colour and again it satisfied my crunchy cravings. But truthfully I prefer hummus.....

Again pleasantly surprised. So far so good!

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