Daily Dietitian Week 1 | Day 2

Another brilliant food day from the Daily Dietitian! The food was once again great, the snacks were a bit odd but I will get to that soon. Overall I was very happy. the food tasted great and the portions were again huge that I wasn't hungry at all! I could even do without the snacks but why waste food?

Lunch was a smokey Minestrone soup with chicken and orzo pasta. I had a big bowl full with some lovely pesto. It really was delicious.

Dinner was a new flavour combination for me: coffee and cocoa curred pulled beef served with cinnamon cabbage and roasted baby potatoes. It was amazing and Hubby loved it

Our one snack sounded so good on paper but confused me a bit: Choc chip sweet potato paleo muffin. But then I realized the menu was changed to a paleo ball! It was this small little dense ball that didn't look like a muffin at all but it tasted much better than what it looked like. Truthfully I would have preferred another breakfast polenta bowl...

My second snack was crispy vegetables in rice paper rolls with Siracha chilli dipping sauce. Another new for me and it was surprisingly good. I am not a big fan of rice paper rolls because they tend to go a bit snotty if you ask me. But the crunchy filling and spicy sauce made it really worth while.

Another good day of eating healthy food that I didn't have to prepare!

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